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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a neighborhood on alert after a sex offender escapes from a peninsula mental facility, but we begin with breaking news tonight. the preseason getting off to a pretty awful start. you are looking at chopper video over the arizona cardinal stadium in the city of glendale. reports that 0-year-old man was shot in the face during tonight's raiders and cardinals game. it happened in the stadium parking lot. police say two men got into a fight and then gunfire erupted. the victim was rushed to the hospital. he is said to be in critical
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condition to the. police have arrested a suspect. at this time no word if the victim was a raiders or a cardinal fan. now, turning to the manhunt in the bay area. he is considered high-risk and if you see him you're asked to call 911. redwood city police are on the hunt for a 34-year-old sex offender after he excape from a mental facility. nbc bay area's george kitiama spoke with neighbors tonight and joined us live in red wood city with more. george. >> san mateo county sheriff's deputy stopped by a few minutes ago saying they are looking for derrick sanders who escaped from the mental health facility early this morning, and tonight neighbors are on alert. >> just a lack away from the mental health facility is this quiet neighborhood of family. many with children. >> i didn't realize they housed high-risk offenders over there so making sure our doors an windows are locked. >> she's keeping her doors and windows locked because of this
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man, 34-year-d derrick sanders. detectives are looking for him after he escaped early friday morning. >> found a way out, decided he didn't want to be there. left the facility, walked down edgewood road to a spot that is still to be determined. >> sanders is considered a high-risk offender with menal issues. the san mateo county sheriff's office says they are taking it very seriously. they have the detective division out there working hard to find him because there is concern for the public in matters like this. >> we're very close. >> elizabeth mcdermott and her husband moved into this neighborhood 20 years ago. the mental health facility has always been there, and until now has not been a problem. >> the way he got out sounds a little lax in oversight so you would worry about that. will it happen again. >> nicole lynch will be keeping a closer eye on her two young children this weekend. >> usually in the backyard but not tonight. >> again, a warning to anyone
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who may see sand errs on the street. do not approach hi. instead call 911. we're live near redwood city tonight, george kitiama, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much for the update. an unusual sight. right now we're seeing rain move into the bay area. a rare summer storm. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us now with a first look at the forecast. >> that's right. we've been watching the showers come in on the radar, and you can see them moving south to north. good enough for brief showers around the santa clara valley. any of these yellows and oranges you're seeing between the north bay and petaluma some may include embedded thunder as well, and as long as this how much comes in like a conveyor belt out of the south, this is tropical air, very unstable. it will lead to a forecast which will include the thundershowers all the way into the thirst part of tomorrow. a full look at that coming up in
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a few minutes. >> new details on a suspicious device that shut down a palo alto neighborhood for more than five hours. the device was described as a soda bottle wrapped in a gauzy material with metal clamps in it and it was found on the front lawn in palo alto. after examining the bottle the sheriff county's office destroyed it. tense hours after man led police on a wild chase down highway 101 and into downtown san jose. the chase started at 0:30 when a deputy tried to pull over a white honda civic for reckless driving. at one point they say he nearly hit one of their cruisers and began running red light. in the end the civic slammed into a pickup truck. deputies managed to arrest suspect. both he and the truck driver
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were taken to the hospital, but both are expected to be okay. oakland's homicide total for the year so far stands at 74. the latest, a deadly shooting at a kfc drive through last night. that rate is on track to be the highest murder rate the city has seen since 2008. it's a worrisome trend for a city that's worked so hard to reko recover from a record number of killings. police are laying the groundwork for a strategy that could turn that trend around. it's called cease-fire and it's credited with cutting youth violence in boston in the 1990s by two-thirds percent. >> reporter: right now city leaders here in oakland are working to identify the people here in oakland often involved in gun violence. the plan is to call them in and have them meet with police, social services, clergy and loved ones who will all tell them to give up the guns or face serious consequences.
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>> i feel violated any time there's a shooting here in the city. >> frank is fed up with the daily violence here in oakland but he and other members of make oakland better now are not. think pressuring leaders to try new tactics. members have been given a cope of a shoot called don't shoot. it promotes david kennedy's cease-fire strategy that has reduced violence in other cities. it's an idea oakland has tried, and this time the focus is on criminals and not bad neighborhoods. >> going to do a thorough analysis of all the shootings and homicides in oakland to figure out which groups and individuals we should focus on. >> the criminal element will be called in and once again offered services. the message is not, you know, if you take a job we'll leave you alone. that's not the message. the message is put down the gun, period. >> the city is promising aggressive prosecution of violent offenders who don't get the message and turning to
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community leaders to help make the message clearer. oakland's police chief met with faith leaders friday asking for support. >> they know the individuals. they know the families and they have known them for a really long time. they have that leverage where their words have credibility. >> the cease-fire plan has made other cities safer. make oakland better now is planning to make sure it hits the streets. >> just being in everybody's face. >> because the current strategy just isn't working. mayor jean quan's office expects the first call-in meeting to happen in about a month. >> more than a thousand people are expected to attend a private funeral tomorrow to remember u.s. marine corps captain matthew manukan. he was killed last week in afghanistan while serving his fourth tour of duty. the traditional military funeral will be held at his alma mater. there will also be a 21-gun salute and a military flyover. he was 29 years old.
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the san mateo county sheriff's department has most of its computer systems back up and running tonight. department leaders say a program they used to store data started to deteriorate and corrupted other programs last friday. trying to fix things all week. they said all reports have been recovered, and they plan to have their financial system back up by tuesday. a high-tech heist at fry's electronics and now a warning is issued to shoppers about stolen apple products. thieves stole $160,000 worth of apple electronics including ipads, iphones and ipods. investigators believe the items may start showing up for sale on ebay, craigslist. >> we're encouraging the public to be smart about what they buy. it's really their responsibility to look at what they are buying and look at the price they are
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paying. >> campbell politician say they have gathered the serial numbers of the items stolen from fry's and if you're concerned about a specific item, you're asked to contact them. >> attracting an interesting night of weather around the bay area. showers and even a little thunder there in the north bay and this is just getting started for your weekend. we'll let you know how long may be dodging the raindrops in the weekend forecast coming up. >> also coming up, our investigative unit told you about rat-infeted food, and a nationwide recall. now that same bay-area company could be facing more problems. tony kovaleski investigates. a new way to not only track down smartphone thieves but to get a good look at them, too. and find out how a well-known clown got his cans on steve jobs personal ipad. and a fan shot in the face in the parking lot of the raiders preseason game against the cardinals. we'll bring you more information as it borks available.
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. an east bay food distributor remains under investigation. a look at what the state called a massive rodent-infestation. the chief investigator tony kovaleski is here with new information. federal and state investigators have expanded the national food recall. >> after learning of our investigation state investigators shot down fremont bay natural food back on july 11. the state telling us tonight details uncovered in our
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investigation may now lead to criminal charges. >> have you seen anything like this? >> very rare situation that we see of a facility that has this much rodent activity. >> he's describing what state inspectors found? >> certainly we've seep that there's a lot of products that have evidence of rodent activity in and on them. >> inside this 1 are 50,000 square footwearhouse. leaving and breathing in the facility. not just coming into feed and harboring, living, breathing. >> did what we report portray accurately what we found? >> i believe so. in terms of the rodent activity it was accurate. >> the pictures in the video exposed a troubling trail of mice feces, dead rat and example after example of contaminated food products. >> go deeper.
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>> natural food company. >> two former employees contacted nbc bay area to expose the filthy conditions they witnessed inside san francisco herb and natural foods. >> most disgusting thing i ever seen was mice living inside there. mice re-reduesing in there, making babies, and what they did is just take the babies out, throw them away and put the product back in stock. >> product contaminated with mice feces was resold. >> mice feces, dead mice, urine, hair. repackaging. >> occasionally or all the time. >> our investigation uncovered two critical documents. records apparently showing. managers required employees to clean mouse droppings from product before repackaging and selling them to unseptembering customers. >> the owners of this facility,
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are they aware of how bad this problem is? >> yes. >> are they aware that they were instructed to sift mice feces, myths from product and resell that? >> our sources said the owners told them to repackage contaminated product and sell it to the public. >> have you confirmed that? >> we have confirmed that there is documentation that they were cleaning some product for rodent fecal contamination. >> according to the state that would violate the health and safety code which states that it is unlawful for any person to manufacture sell, deliver or offer for sale any food that is adulterated. each violation a misdemeanor. >> it's very concerning that we would have people in the food industry that would engage in that type of practice. >> closing a facility down for more than a month. that's unusual. >> yes. >> what's it say?
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>> it speaks to the magnitude of the problem and the facility and the level of product contamination and the level of row tent infestation in the plant. >> the state tells us it will make a final decision on making criminal charges at the conclusion of its ongoing investigation. in a prepared statement from its newly public relations firm natural foods has extended its deepest apologies saying, quote, this condition was unacceptable, end quote. it also says it will work with the state health department to ensure the problem doesn't happen again. the owners claim they were not aware of the scope or impact of the problem, and the company says it believed it was following all federal regulations regarding the sifting of foreign debris such as animal contamination from its spices and herbs. as you heard, the state has taken a different position and finally the owners say they do plan to reopen their business. >> okay, tony, thanks so much for the update. if you have a tip for
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investigative units give us a call at 88-996-tips or send us an e-mail to >> how did a street performer end up steve jobs' personal ipad? tonight we're learning it's not magic. he says he got it from a friend and used it to play songs while he performed at pier 39. that friend is 35-year-old karim mcfarland. police arrested him earlier this month for breaking into the late apple co-founder's home in palo alto. he's due back in court on monday accused of stealing a bunch of apple products from jobs' home as well astive new juliry and jobs' wallet. as for kenny the clown he had no idea the ipad belonged to jobs or was even stolen until police showed up at his door. many of us are increasingly and to our smartphone so when they get stolen it's an increasingly bigger inconvenience. silicon valley startups as a way to find your phone and the person who took it. a mobile security startup called
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trust go has kind of a candid camera software that snaps a photo. they have as he or thee tries to use the phone. >> the thief tries to unluck it using the password and get it wrong three times and then it's generated with the location an picture. >> and when the picture is taken the sound is muted so the thief doesn't know. for now the service is available on android plans and tablets. they expect to have a version for the iphone soon. torrential rains in california led to massive mud slide. this is one of them near forest falls. the slide sounded like a freight train as it slammed down the mountain. the mud cut off several roads in the area, leaving resident stranded. flooding also caused at least eight swift water rescues in the area. certainly caught southern california by surprise. we've got rain moving in a our area. let's check in meteorologist ran mayeda. >> it took all afternoon and
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eving to arrive in the bay area but there it is. you can see how the flow is coming up from south to north and one of the general rules of meteorology, if you increase moisture to the mid-levels of the atmosphere you increase the instability. some of that air will kind of rise up an over. start to generate some showers and we're seeing more of that on the radar. temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside right now. it is a little windy out tlrgs especially out towards fairfield. winds southwest at 24 miles per hour, but now let talk about where the rain is. we eve had these little hit-and-miss areas of showers come through the bay area, enough to wet the showers at times. one little shower this will be on its way now. light rain in mountainview earlier and showers off to the west of the golden gate bridge. the more intense showers showing up in yellow and orange, right around black point and north of petaluma. some of that includes a little bit of thunder from our weather watchers there in the north bay.
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everything starting to come together and the wind out of the south and as long as that flow is southerly overnight until about midday tomorrow, we're going to stay with the opportunity of showers and maybe even some thunder and during the day tomorrow we'll start to see a change in the pattern which brought the moisture our way today and will start to shift to the east during tomorrow afternoon. tonight don't be surprised to hear some rumbles of thunder. i do think we'll hang on to the shower until lunch time in futurecast. notice the clearing here. still a chance of showers maybe around the south bay and the santa clara vale and as we head toward the afternoon and evening the tropical moisture heads on out. sea breeze picks up. our temperatures are going to be staying actually pretty mild as we go through the weekend. tomorrow morning, scattered showers and you'll notice numbers here inland. no 90s in the forecast so temperature-wise pretty comfortable but the humidity is up. notice things for the morning and once the oaks air conditioning and cooler air comes in and tropical air to the
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east, see more comfortable conditions as we head towards the evening so the first half of saturday will even the chance of showers and, yes, the chance of isolated showers, too, until lunchtime. afternoon and evening we'll start to see the clearing skies, stronger sea breeze on sunday so it will be a slightly cooler finish to the weekend and monday and tuesday. we'll call it a one-day warmup. 90s popping up inland and the sea breeze kicks in again and things turn back to normal. none of these showers and thundershowers around. don't want that for the america's cup. >> strange. >> got it here tonight until early afternoon tomorrow. >> mother nature mixing things up. >> indeed. >> thanks, rob. >> coming up, giants fans have had all kind of reaction to melky cabrera's suspension. next, how one fan is putting his feelings into song. okay, here's the plan.
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melky cabrera's suspension through song. ♪ what made you think that you would not get caught ♪ >> a little country. that's a band called the baseball project, a side band for giant fan scott mccoy. he normally fronts a group called minus five and peter boss from r.e.m. is another member of the baseball project. he wrote and recorded the song by himself this week and told "rolling stone" magazine he did it because he's so umd. a lot of fans are bummed and for more giants news let's go to henry in the comcast newsroom. >> i think i'll write a song and that may take a little time. stick with us. it's been a week giants fans would love to forget. straight ahead we'll tell you how the giants gave their fans a bout of amnesia tonight after losing two of three at home and one of their best hitters for the season.
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welcome back to nbc bay area, the giants back where they want to be in first place tonight after their bats exploded in san diego and a dominant pitching performance from mr. perfect, matt kaip. let's go out for all the action tonight. top of the third, giant up 3-0. panda at the plate, and pablo sandoval singles to right. this will bring in marco scutaro. 4-0ga-men. happy fan there. 3-0 giant. matt cain out of all guys singles to left. giants score eight runs in the third. matt cain on fire. allowed one run over eight inning. quintin strikes out in the sixth. g-n win, 10-1. >> we had an impressive inning there, you know. we put the ball in play and good things happen. we did a good job with men on base, and really everybody.
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pagan had a big day and scutaro got us going and pence and all throughout the order. that's a well-played game by us. i thought the day off really came at a good time. i thought the boys needed it, and they came out and looked fresh today. >> what about the green and cold? they were hosting the indians. game tied at four in the eighth inning. josh reddick pinch hitting for johnny gomez singles on a blooper to left with the bases loaded at that point. josh donaldson steps up to the plate. he brings in at am rosales. a's up 5-4. donaldson 4 for 4 with two runs batted in. two runs later it's cost of living pennington hitting one to right and the sac fly is all good. throwing home, brandon moss is the boss. he's safe. a's win, 6-4 is the final. hut one, hut two, hut three. football, raiders and cardinals.
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carson palmer 13 for 24 on 107 yards, including that 14-yard completion to darrius heyward-bey who left the game with an injured shoulder and run dmc. 22 yards on that carry. 52 total yards but oakland trailed by 13 at the break. take a will be at this hit. matt line yfrt, look out, oh, my goodness. they knocked the taste buds off that gay's tongue and get this. arizona gets the win, 31-27 is your final. my mouth hurts. >> i know. >> just looking at that hit. >> i'm ghad he's okay. they will make a comeback though. it's a very close game. they will be strong the rest of the season. >> absolutely. >> you got it. >> we'll be right back. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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in quirky skits and tonight house minority leader nancy pelosi was no exception. >> thank you, jimmy. both snacks are great for after school or when i'm at home playing mario cart 46 with my friends. pelosi explained the virtues of froot by the fruit over fruit rollups in great detail. she went on to tell fallon she's committed to getting more women in politics and, of course, making sure that president obama is re-elected. to see how she made fallon laugh when he asked what she thought of vp republican candidate paul ryan you'll have to tune in. >> may hear some rumbles of thunder. tropical moisture coming up out of the south. your weekend forecast in orange shows you saturday through probably lunchtime we're going to see that moisture coming up out of the south giving us a chance of showers, isolated thunder and by afternoon we'll get late-day clearing. mild temperatures this weekend.
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a little less humidity on sunday which will be nice and things warm up a little bit as we get towards monday. >> does look nice. >> looking forward to it. >> have a nice weekend, folks. tonight's show with jay leno is next, and our next newscast is "today in the bay" tomorrow morning with anthony starting at 6:00. >> i believe so. >> see you then. good night. so... [ gasps ]
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>> jay: hey, allyson, congratulations. world-record sprinter, three gold medals, doesn't get any better than that. >> geez, thanks, jay. you actually reminded me i left my medals at home. i'll be right back. >> jay: wait, you can't -- [ laughter ] >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band.


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